ECOPOL - dynamically developing Russian company. Nowadays, ECOPOL has leading position in the market of coatings in the Russia regions and CIS countries.

Company representations are working successfully in Togliatti and Yekaterinburg , in Ukraine and Belarus.

The main directions of company activity:

- Car body repair coatings;

- Industrial coatings;

- Wood coatings;

- Autocomponents coatings.

Constant studying and improvement of the quality management system are showing quality results at all stages of the product life cycle. The quality management system is successfully operating in accordance with ISO 9001 since 2006.  

Our company has a strong scientific and industrial potential. The property company is considerable production areas, warehouses, research and development center. Company laboratory are divided into laboratory for formulation development, experimental paint section, technology production laboratory. Our laboratory has the modern devices for the analysis of coatings. Also, the company's success depends on the people who give their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the company.

At present, we produce about 100 kinds of coatings on the basis of our developments. One of the main products advantages is the constant stable quality level. This is noted by all our customers, such as Aliance "Renault-Nissan-LADA", Group "GAS", "MAZ".

Products are made both based on of own developments and licenses purchased from European manufacturers. The use of high-quality raw materials (Bayer, BASF, Nuplex, Eckart, Arkema) and experience of these companies can reduce development time and improve the quality of new materials. The main task of production is to ensure of the consumer in-demand and high-quality products on market of coatings in a short time. All areas are equipped with machinery from leading European companies such as Profarb, Susmeyer, Netzsch, Oliver-Batlle.

At the warehouse is adequate supply of coatings always to guarantee a stable supply. All our knowledge, resources, talent and energy focused on our success! The main objective of company is to produce products of the highest quality, but at a lower prices than global competitors.

(c) 2005 Ecopol
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