June 04, 2014


New formula! New label! New packing!

IZUR–022 hardener is intended to lower drying temperature, to improve properties of alkyd and melamine–alkyd–coatings. IZUR–022 hardener can be used for alkyd coatings curing, such as Avtolak (Reoflex), Colomix (Slovenia), Mobihel (Slovenia), Vika-60 (Russian paint), ML-VC (AVE) in 8% proportion. IZUR–022 hardener can be used for melamine–alkyd–coatings curing, such as ML-1110 (Vika), ML-1111 (AVE), ML-12, ML-1214 (Lida), ML-197 in 9% proportion. IZUR–022 hardener is available in two new packing: 180g and 80 g. .


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